Digital Pathology Optimization in Life Sciences and Research

How can life sciences and research organizations drive strategic workflow improvements in today’s environment? For an increasing number of research labs, the answer lies in optimizing their digital pathology processes.

COVID-19 has highlighted the power of digital transformation in accelerating drug discovery and driving new breakthroughs. This new case study spotlights three top organizations that have made the move:

  • NeuroScience Associates (NSA Labs)
  • AbbVie
  • The Joint Pathology Center

Discover how these leaders are leveraging an enterprise-level image management platform for multi-site collaboration that accelerates life sciences research and discovery. And see how optimized digital pathology is already making a positive impact on their workflows and results—both today and into the near future.

About Proscia: Proscia’s mission is to transform cancer research and diagnosis with intelligent software that changes the way the world practices pathology, building tools that are redefining pathology and giving pathologists better ways to fight cancer today.

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