Attacker Economics: What Financial Services Institutions Need to Know  About Cyberattack Costs Vs. Value

Financial services institutions are hit by cyberattacks 300 times more than companies in other industries.1 Why? The return on investment for attackers is simply too attractive. By understanding the economics of today’s most prevalent cyber threats, you can wage a more effective defense, better protect valuable data and your firm’s reputation, reduce the cost of cyberattacks, and limit attackers’ returns on investment to demotivate them.

What you’ll learn from this cybersecurity eBook:

  • How attackers can calculate their potential rate of return, as well as what factors make a potential payoff attractive
  • How the familiar challenge of balancing security costs vs. values looks from an attacker’s perspective
  • How the development lifecycle for attack software proceeds and why it’s crucial to disrupt it
  • Why credential stuffing is one of the top security threats in financial services—and what to do about it

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